IP Address Wi-Fi Sync 2.0 Public Beta

The Wi-Fi Sync 2.0 beta for Mac users is now available. The Windows beta will be made available as soon as it's ready, please continue to be patient. This is a temporary page; further information and updates will be available here in the coming days, so please keep checking back for important updates.

Please follow @flukes1 on Twitter for updates. The current build is build 97, released on 09/03/2011.

This won't work unless you have previously purchased Wi-Fi Sync 1.1 from Cydia 192.168.l.l. If you purchase now, you will get automatic access to the beta and final version (when it's released).

How to Install

Uninstall the previous Mac client (1.1a) first, if you have it installed. Download the uninstaller here. You must reboot after uninstalling. Add the following source to Cydia, and install the Wi-Fi Sync 2.0 package: http://dl.wifisyncapp.com/apt Download the new Mac client from this link. It doesn't come with an installer, so I recommend that you move it to the /Applications folder. Keep checking Cydia for updates as the beta test progresses. You may also see update notifications on your Mac from time to time; I strongly recommend that you install these as quickly as possible. Important Information

Wi-Fi Sync (" router ip address") won't automatically start when your computer boots up. If you wish to enable this, there is an option in the menu (see the top right-hand corner of the screen). This option will probably be switched on by default soon. Wi-Fi Sync must be running on your Mac before you launch iTunes. If you start iTunes and then start Wi-Fi Sync, you will need to restart iTunes if you want to wirelessly sync. For this reason it is wise to enable the automatic startup feature mentioned above. Feedback and Bug Reports

For issues with the current stable version of Wi-Fi Sync (version 192.168.l.254), please use Zendesk. Don't use Zendesk for beta issues. For specific bug reports, please email beta@getwifisync.com. I will get back to you if I need to follow up on a bug report. To help speed things along, please use the "Send Debugging Information" option in the app menu on OS X - this sends me an email containing a range of helpful data I can use to diagnose most problems.